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Matthew Bromley. Photo: Ant Fox

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Gerry Lopez ruling Pipeline back when he had a moustache.

I really need to stop keeping Faith in Believing that one day I could be with Her. Its turning out to be one of the Cruelest Jokes of My Life… … …

19.Oct.12 1 year ago

If asked of me I would, gobble them to bits. the things that wall us off from, where we belong. Whats wrong with you is good, for what’s wrong with me. and I think maybe we should, stick together.

15.Oct.12 1 year ago

awww yeah bitch! thrust till it hurts

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Aerial shot of some clear blue water and a perfect wave.

I meant what I said to you. I wasn’t just playing some kind of game. Everything I said was true, from the first day. Every damn word.

02.Aug.12 2 years ago